by Aleksandra Apelić

Vivienne Westwood

March 01 2017

She is one of the greatest icons of our time, which defined London fashion scene, British designer, the creator of punk style, an activist and a true fashion legend alive. Her wardrobe is not only a well-tailored material or possibly a good piece of clothing. Each creation is one statement, and she wants to make a woman powerful. People love her because she is an inspiration to others.

 The interest in design and art began when she married Malcolm McLaren, art student and the future manager of punk band Sex Pistols. In the early seventies Malcolm opened a boutique in London and started filling it up by her creations. Despite the fact that the name of the store changed five times, it turned out that it becomes an important fashion center of the punk movement. She began to dress musicians and helped them find their identity. When punk became a fashion movement more than a revolutionary one, Vivian began designing clothes.

Punk movement has weakened, but she continued in another direction. Constantly, she was ahead of the trends, most often dictating the same. She was proclaimed a British designer of the year twice, and received other awards, too, which gave her encouragement to be different and provocative all the time. When, in 2003, she pinned up plastic breasts to male models, she stole all attention of the media and the public at London Fashion Week.

Although an opponent of capitalism, she is a big supporter of the monarchy. In honor of 60 years reign of Queen Elizabeth II she has created a special collection, as well as for the Olympic Games in London. She often uses the British flag as a motive, but her great inspiration are also the pirates and motives from the past.

“My creations do not jeopardize no one’s personality, leaving space for every woman to express herself and her own spirit” - Vivienne Westwood

Author of text: Aleksandra Apelic


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