by Aleksandra Apelić

Plush is in

March 05 2017

Clothes made of plush gives you the possibility to combine, and thus, depending on the choice of other pieces and details can be part of a casual, formal and elegant looks. This season many designers were inspired by the style of the eighties, so the plush is represented in most collections, the material which gives a sensual, elegant and retro feel to the overall appearance. Besides, ladies also love plush clothes as it provides a great opportunity to combine, so depending on the choice of other pieces details can be part of a casual, formal and elegant looks. This time, the designers tried to give plush a new glow again, combining different retro and modern patterns. 

* The focus is primarily on the plush dresses that can be found in almost all lengths. They are of different cut – ranging from narrow and attractive that follow the body line, necked, no shoulders, to a little more casual, wider, retro style, cut below the bust and high waist. Apart from black, they are very popular in yellow, red, earth and plum, but patterned, too, and with animal prints.

* This winter, special attention is drawn to plush jackets, flat and waist, which you can combine with different styles. They fit well with skirts, trousers and over dresses, and they are a good choice for layered outfits as well. 

* As for the trousers, most popular are the narrow and straight-cut models with wider legs that fit nicely with the plush jackets, translucent blouses and corsets, and you will emphasize each combination even more if you complete it with high heels.

* Plush tunics are also trendy in combination with tight black pants or leggings and top, which is a great choice for casual occasions paired with dark jeans and boots.

* For many occasions, you can also complete your outfit with details of plush, for example, good shoes, a hat, cap or a scarf. The choice is yours, and with a little imagination you can make your style even more effective.

Author of text: Aleksndra Apelić


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