by Aleksandra Apelić

The scent of the lily of the valley

March 10 2017

French proverb says: The youth counts ages by lily of the valley and old age by winters.  In this country, young men traditionally give little bouquets of this scented flower to their girlfriends as a present. As the time moves away, when the romance has almost been eradicated, the smell of lily of the valley moved to bottles of perfume proving the good taste of those choosing them.

Lily of the valley likes shade, unobtrusive gloom, sheltered from direct sunlight. In the wild, it is found in the rich forest black soil, but is successfully grown in the gardens, too. The books that deal with the ancient art of astrology say that the smell of lily of the valley is most preferred by those born under the rule of the planet Uranus in the zodiacal sign of Aquarius.

Lily of the valley is one of the favorite “trumps” of perfumes whenever they want to create a seductive, intriguing aristocratic scent combination, which suggests that the woman wearing this fragrance is able to channel her appeal in the right way.

Author of text: Aleksandra Apelić


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