by Aleksandra Apelić

Mini skirt

October 19 2016

It is hard to determine the origin of a popular mini, but modern history gives credit for this to the designer Mary Quant. Her revolutionary creations gave young women an opportunity to express their sexuality. Eventually, she declared that the syle of the sixties should to be "aggressive and sexy".

If there is sexuality, there is controversy, too. Great designers, like Coco Chanel and Christian Dior, were against mini skirt at the beginning. Once, Coco even said that the idea is "just horrible".

The Netherlands prohibited wearing these skirtd by the law and the model Jean Shrimpton was fiercely criticized because she wore a mini skirt without tights in 1965.

In eighties, the chief editor of Vogue Anna Wintour has turned a combination of a mini skirt and a suit into her trademark. The models of nineties took this little piece of cloth over and inspired celebrities such as Christina Aguilera to wear it on the red carpet, too.

In the last years, wearing mini skirts was prohibited in Uganda, and the British lawmaker suggested that wearing mini skirts increases the likelyhood of sexual assaults.

However, they are still accepted today and are used as the top fashion.


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