by Aleksandra Apelić

Magic is believing in yourself - Igor Todorovic

December 05 2017

The recently presented collection at theBFW was inspired by France and its musicaal heritage, through the character of Dalida, and the great French singer,which is being celebrated in Paris this year asone of the women whose voice,but also syle of dress, marked the French culture, fashion and aesthetics. A film about her was produced tis year.

The collection is in line with the contemporary trends but also with the aesthetics that i have been nurtiring since the very beginning of the Igor Todorović Studio. Inspiration comes always, first and foremost, from the beauty of a woman, her outline and from the carefully elaborated cuts and choices of fabrics and accessories.


Each creative person lends themselves to judgment of others trough their work,but it is very important ,while they are so exposed, that they remain ethical and responsible, both tothemselves and to others. As the great Goethe said „ Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that,you can make anything happen“

Author of text: Aleksandra Apelic


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