by Aleksandra Apelić

Beauty is in diversity

March 18 2017

The secret of beauty lies in diversity. This is what makes us different, what makes us special and unique. And all of that is a source of beauty. Therefore, be yourself. Appreciate your originality. Accept the qualities that nature has given you, or adjust them to your personality. This particularly applies to your hair color which, at first sight, attracts most attention.

If you are blonde, you can nourish a gentle Barbie look or wear your golden hair proudly like a lion its mane. Similarly, the seriousness and consistency of brunettes can be framed by their thick hair, but can also be expressed through the mystique and hairstyle minimalism. On the other hand, redheads speak about the freedom of their spirit in creativity, but also about the sophistication and prudence. Some of the general suggestions when it comes to makeup can help ladies to further enjoy the diversity of their hair colors.


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