by Aleksandra Apelić

Horse riding is an art

December 05 2017

Nature gave horses, with their sensibility, the ability to disassemble human emotion down to its constitutive elements. They confer power. They open minds. A free gallop provides a liberating feeling that, perhaps, can only be compared to riding a motorcycle at full speed.the fundamental difference between an imaginary love of horses and the reality you encounter when you start working with horses through recreational riding arises at the exact moment you realize just how particular an animal a horse is. People who fall in love  with riding and remain in the sport for years, despite all the risks of nasty falls, are primarily driven by loyalty.

Riding provides an unimaginable emotional roller-coaster from euphoria and adrenalin, through enormous fear, all the way to a specific feeling of freedom, power and strength. Quite opposite to everything else. It is not a sport, it is a skill. It is an art of coordination and balance, a perfection of movement in which you must become one with an animal taht needs guidance. The human, in a completely unnatural position, coordinates the movement of the horse, the rider must achieve a perfect vertical balance, in the basic riding stance. Anything else would derail you as you wlk, run and jump on someone else`s legs. People who start riding often don`t even think about their first fall. That first fall off the horse is perhaps the most important moment in riding. It can build fear and cause a blockade, or…

A horse seeks neither a servant, nor a master. It expects a rider. Therefore,someone to guide, steer, encourage and respect it. Only then, it will open up with all its strenght and loyality that comes natural to every horse. It will follow its rider anywere. It will love and trust them.

Knowing that, how could you not love horses ?

Author of text: Aleksandra Apelić


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