by Aleksandra Apelić

The truth about a successful dynasty - Gucci

December 11 2017

Patricia Gucci, the daughter of Paolo Gucci and granddaughter of Gucha Gucci, the founder of this for decades distinctive brand in the fashion world, has not been in the company for a long time, which is now internationally owned, but grew along with the company name. We have been waiting for her confession for a long time, and she in her personal story "Gucci - the truth about a successful dynasty" decided to first bring out her memories of the company's development, the private life of the family and the quarrels between them that led to the breakup, and then the selling of the famous fashion house.

According to Patricia herself, she wanted to record real events as a witness to what happened to the Gucci family, even if they were bitter. Personally, its goal is first of all to deny all books published but not authorized by the Gucci family, and are full of defamation, lies and gossip. She had a specific relationship with her father, and this was a great difficulty for her, but she was always considered an absolute genius for fashion that could predict what fashion would be, for example, she wanted to create a Gucci jeans in the 1970s, which was not successful. But other family members disagreed.

As Patricia discovers, as a woman she could not inherit the company's shares because only men could take over and continue their business. Given the strong character she has, she has decided to fight for her position as a woman, all her energy, and has directed her time to work and giving up her private life. As a woman in the male world and as someone who wanted to succeed without the help of the family, it was very difficult.

 Patricia Gucci: "The fashion world is very superficial, so it's hard to have true friends. There is always competition in a way. "

Author of text: Aleksandra Apelić


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